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Premier Global Logistics Ltd

2C Abhinandan, 27 A/B Royd Street, Kolkata - 700 016, India

Tel: +91 33 4020 5555


Rajesh Gupta, Managing Director
Mobile: +91 98209 08080, landline: +91 22 4054 6600

Shivendra Kumar, Vice President - Projects
Mobile: +91 99711 73016, landline: +91 11 2735 1219

Subramanian Iyer, General Manager - Projects
Mobile: +91 82912 01959, landline: +91 22 4054 6600

Dushyant Desai, Asstt. General Manager - Projects
Mobile: +91 82912 01969, landline: +91 22 4054 6600

Ricardo Brass, Asstt. General Manager - Projects
Mobile: +91 98849 12315, landline: +91 44 2466 2240

Sankar Bhattacharjee, Sr. Manager - Projects
Mobile: +91 93311 58822, landline: +91 33 4020 5555

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With over four decades in the industry, Premier Global Logistics provide efficient, cost-effective, innovative and tailor-made solutions; simplifying logistics for their clientele in India and across the globe.

Integrated Project Logistics
Single window services covering all aspects of integrated project logistics. 3PL & SCM services to facilitate the various requirements of their customers.
Project Forwarding
Container, conventional shipping and special charters by sea/air. Tailor-made freight options by using multi-modal means to give you the most cost-effective solutions.
Heavy and ODC Cargo
The special team of professionals and technicians pre-plan the shipping and transportation process to ensure safe delivery. They have the resources to ship and deliver single units up to 1800 metric tons in weight.
General and Break Bulk Cargo
General and break-bulk cargo shipping and transportation for projects anywhere on the globe. Their expertise ensures seamless movement of the cargo from vendor to project site, both for import and export consignments.
Containerised Cargo
Logistics services for all types of container movement on a door-to-door basis across India and the globe. Be it 20 ft, 40 ft, HC or Flat Rack, they will optimise the stowage of your cargo by utilising the most suitable containers.
Feasibility Study and Route Surveys
To eliminate every possible roadblock in your consignment’s transportation, their special team conducts studies and creates a feasibility report. This in turn helps them pre-plan the process, including preparation of roads if not present, reinforcements to weak bridges, and extra pullers/pushers for difficult terrain.
Real-time progress reports of your shipments on a daily basis. They are now in the process of upgrading to GPRS & GPS services to provide you with the ultimate tracking facility.
Customs Clearance
Inbound/outbound customs clearance, pre-shipment documentation input, insurance coverage and surveys to ensure smooth movement of your consignments.
Port Handling
Port handling include all local movements of import and export cargo within the port premises. They help you receive, shift, stuff, de-stuff, load, unload, store & dispatch all your shipments with complete safety and care.
They own several 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft warehouses in all the major metro cities. Additional facilities up to 50,000 sq. ft can be arranged if required. They also provide independent and shared facilities, inventory control, packing, sorting, re-packing and labelling, along with the best security for your goods throughout the year.