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Octagon Freight Services LLC

Villa No. 376, Italian Village 1 100 Meter Road, Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq


Mr. Clevin Correya
Tel: +964 750 8935405

Mr. Karwan Mustafa
Tel: +964 750 485 1111

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Octagon Freight Services (OFS) is an international freight forwarder established in 2012.

As an International freight forwarding company, Octagon operations encompass all aspects of the business including air/ocean/land transport both in bound & out bound.

With professionals in the field, project cargo movement of heavy weight cargo is done with expertise and ease. Whether it is large land rig, manufacturing plant, mining or construction of community buildings/houses we will help you show the way on how it is done with expertise.

OFS has the wherewithal of intricate logistics challenges and can help the client with complete rational analysis. The OFS team works closely with the client on transportation, site surveys at all levels, advising the client from time to time on blocking and handling techniques.

Full and slot chartering can be done to reduce costs. Rolling stock cargo is advised in movement using RO/RO vessels.