Worldwide Project Consortium

Combined WWPC power moves 54 wind turbines from Spain to Ethiopia via Djibouti

Feb 29, 2012

Steder Group, Djibouti and Vasco Gallega Consignores, Spain proudly announce their outstanding cooperation: VGC, Vasco Gallega Group (VGG) sister-company and the Spanish member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), has organized the transport of 54 complete windmills from Vigo (Spain) to Ethiopia trough Djibouti.

The whole operation is been carried out by VGC who has provided inland transport, export customs clearance, heavy lift handling of units, loading, sea transport, unloading, handling up to FOT and inland transport till final destination.

The project performed by VGC has counted with the highest collaboration of another member of the WWPC, Steder Group from Djibouti.

According to Mr. Xoán M. Reboredo, VGG Executive Director “this Operation proves VGC capacity as an international logistic operator and it is an example of the business possibilities that the WWPC offers.”