Worldwide Project Consortium

Critical heavy engineering components from Italy to India

Oct 6, 2021

Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, managed a door-to-door shipment from an Italian factory to India's delivery site for 700 cbm of ODC cargo, with its heaviest piece weighing 66 tons.

The cargo was planned to be loaded and shipped out of an Italian port. However, due to various infrastructural upgrades enroute and the holiday season, road permits were delayed, which affected the overall project schedule.

Since the Total Movements team monitored the operation daily, they understood the need to execute their plan B.

The team discussed with the various stakeholders involved in the shipment to start the execution by using an alternate route and shipping plan.

While it was a huge challenge to arrange for alternate permits and booking space on a suitable vessel scenario at the last minute, the team was able to achieve this on time, despite the current shortage of space onboard carriers globally.