Worldwide Project Consortium

Cross continent transport from West India to East India

Apr 30, 2020

Express Global Logistics (EXG), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, performed a critical transport of a 55 ton module over 3700 km during national lockdown.

The WHRU module structure 8.6 x 5.45 x 5.2 m in size and 55 ton in weight travelled 3700 km and completed the journey in 66 days. The height of the unit, for such a long haul, was the biggest challenge. Given the average height of the hoardings and road signs being 5.5 m, a comprehensive pre-plan for the complete movement became imperative. The total height of the module and trailer with axles was 6.4 m, which made it essential for road signs to be dismantled along the route.

EXG deployed a six-member crew along with an escort vehicle to shadow the transport for 66 days straight.

The job was initially secured at a time when the challenges were - the distance, height obstacles and the natural terrain. But the initiation of a national lockdown made the job far more challenging. The crew, however, exhibited persistent endeavour and went on to arrange for all necessary permissions and other required resources to ensure no delay in the movement, whatsoever. The overwhelming enthusiasm and commitment of the crew were unparalleled. The crew is finally back home and is safe with their families, and the EXG family has together faced and delivered yet another challenging job.