Worldwide Project Consortium

Heavy hydro power equipment from China to Turkey by Guangzhou Sunshine Int'l Logistics Co.,Ltd

Aug 6, 2013

Guangzhou Sunshine Int'l Logistics Co.,Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC in China, managed a significant project successfully, loading at Da Chan Bay, Shenzhen (DCB) for discharge in Mersin, Turkey, hydropower equipment lashed onto flatracks and partially stowed into high cube container and also handled as breakbulk for oversized and heavy components with single piece weight upto 81 tons.

The service scope of Sunshine Intl Logistics included:
Loading by floating crane, which was operated by Sunshine with a max lifting capacity of 300 tons, customs clearances, lashing & securing of the cargo, which was authorized to Da Chan Bay container terminal (below as DCB) by Sunshine, sea freight by scheduled carrier, Sunshine booked with ZIM and the m.v is ZIM U.S.A, discharging operated by Mersin Port, customs clearance and door delivery was operated by Sunshine agent in Turkey, which was nominated by Sunshine.

This project created a big challenge for DCB as the weight for break bulk cargo extended the shore crane's lifting capacity (maximum 71 tons ) and DCB had never before operated any cargo movements by a floating crane onto a container vessel. Considering the safety and laytime in port for container vessel, both DCB and the oceanline where extremely critical to accept this cargo.

Before start of cargo operations, Sunshine took all possibilities into consideration which included weather condition, cargo's weight and width, floating crane and the nominated container vessel's specification, any possible uncontrollable factors from customs or other government sectors, road and gate limitation. They coordinated every department in advance, which included DCB, ZIM, maritime department, immigration control, floating crane and trucking. Finally the operation was completed successfully even though the cargo arrived in Shenzhen much later than expected.

The entire operation set a record for DCB and for all container terminals in South China.