Worldwide Project Consortium

Important project work for Oman oil industry

Apr 2, 2019

Haulage and load out of pressure separators in Oman

Khimji Ramdas Shipping, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Oman, recently completed the inland haulage and loading of five units of high and low pressure separators in Oman for export to Kuwait. The haul, executed in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and the Royal Oman Police (ROP), involved 1200-metric ton of finished products transported over 700 km from Nizwa Industrial Estate to the Port of Duqm and the subsequent loading onto chartered vessels heading to Kuwait.

Separators are pressure vessels used for separating an oil well stream into gaseous and liquid components. The separators are the first-of-its-kind to be manufactured and exported from Oman.

While the low pressure ( LP) separators were the longest at 27.3 m, the high pressure (HP) separators were the heaviest at 322 tons. Each piece were moved in consultation with and permission from the Ministry of Transport and the Royal Oman Police, with the police escort vehicles accompanying. Each piece took 4 days in their route from Nizwa to Port of Duqm, were stored on stools and beams in the port premises till vessel arrival and were loaded onto suitable bulk cargo carriers at Port of Duqm. Multi axle trailers, with 2 file x 18 axle combination were used In the inland haulage of the 5 pieces of the below mentioned dimensions:
- Three LP Separators: 27.3 m x 6.4 m x 5.78 m – 160 T each
- Two HP Separators: 24.1 m x 6.4 m x 6.15 m – 322 T each

Delivery of 50,000 cbm of coated pipes for use in the Oil & Gas industry in Oman

Khimji Ramdas Shipping LLC also completed the clearance and delivery of over 50,000 cbm of coated pipe shipments of various dimensions, from all major ports in Oman to interior oilfield locations. Handling and transport of coated pipes poses an unique challenge in terms of the special requirements on dunnage and saddles to be used, the protections to be taken to keep the chance of even the minimal damage to the pipes at bay during handling and transport, as well as the highest HSE standards to be maintained.

Brief details of some of the major consignments of coated pipes handled are:

Port of Duqm to Saih Rawl Gas field

Type of pipes: 24 inch coated pipes, 12 m length
Total pipes: 1913 numbers
Volume: 10190 cbm
Distance from Port to FPD: 460 km one way
Standard 40 ‘ foot trailer , each carrying 9 number of pipes, covering the whole delivery in 28 days at a stretch.

Port of Salalah to Salalah LPG site
Type of pipes: mix of 16 inch and 24 inch coated pipes, 12 m length
Total pipes: 3347 numbers
Volume: 11340 cbm
Standard 40 ‘ foot trailer , each carrying 14x 16 inch pipes or 9 x 24 inch pipes, covering the whole delivery in 30 days at a stretch, over 262 continuous trips.

Port of Duqm to Duqm Free Zone – Oman Gas Company site
Type of pipes: mix of 18 inch and 32 inch coated pipes , 12 m length
Total pipes: 1069 numbers
Volume: 8780 cbm
Standard 40 ‘ foot trailer, each carrying 12 x 18 inch pipes or 5 x 32 inch pipes, over 150 continuous trips.

Port of Sohar to BP Khazan site
No of pipes: 1260
Approx. cbm: 4600 cbm
Scope: Customs clearance, receiving of 40’ DC and transport to storage yard, de stuffing of loose pipes from the containers, storage using sand bags and appropriate dunnage, loading of coated pipes on standard flat bed trailers and delivery to Khazan site around 450 km from Sohar.