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Kaleido successfully completes Trace Certification, demonstrating good practices and transparency in carrying out its activity

Jul 22, 2015

This compliance credential states that the logistics operator has successfully completed a rigorous due diligence process based on internationally accepted compliance standards.

TRACE Certification demonstrates Kaleido’s commitment to commercial transparency and good practices. By completing TRACE Certification, Kaleido is promoting a corporate culture of compliance, not only among the team, but also in external relations, whether with customers, business partners, suppliers or collaborators. The certification is recognized internationally and underscores a strong commitment to working under stricter anti-bribery guidelines, that uphold best practices and laws focused on preventing corrupt behaviour.

Recent surveys and studies worldwide show that a high number of executives considered bribery and corruption typical, with some even justifying it as a method to obtain benefits quickly.

On the contrary, recent judgments in different countries, along with the sensitivity and the actions of companies and entities such as TRACE International, are generating great traction around the world to change these perceptions and actions.

TRACE is an independent compliance firm and anti-bribery business organization that is internationally recognized for advancing commercial transparency and establishing due diligence best practices. TRACE works with hundreds of multinational companies, as well as their suppliers, distributors, agents and partners - to raise compliance standards.

Xoán Martínez Reboredo, Kaleido’s Chief Executive Officer:
“Obtaining this certification is an honour for the team of Kaleido, it is a recognition of our - modus operandi- which proves that we are a company with a structure and a system of prevention of illicit practices.

An attitude of intolerance towards corruption is required from the business sector; only thus can we move towards competitiveness, transparency and sustainability in business, while we participate in the society fight against this global problem".

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