Worldwide Project Consortium


Ambercor gets Cold Box from Canada to USA

Challenging multimodal transport by barge for major Asian fuel project

Indian long distance transformer transport by Express Global Logistics

PT. Indonesia Project Logistics appointed as member for WWPC in Indonesia

Total Movements moved giant Contactors for a prominent Middle East export project

SARR Freights gets Indian railway coaches to Africa

Total Movements delivers Super OD Cargo for Greenfield LNG Plant in India

Heavy and oversized gearbox from Greece to North Macedonia

Excavator sailed from Japan to Costa Rica

Cosmatos busy with European special transports

Oversized cargo travels through Tunisia to Algeria

Express Global Logistics transports 6099 tons of rails for a State Metro Rail Corporation

Brighter future for networking activities

Time strained project movement in the United Kingdom

Critical heavy engineering components from Italy to India

Express Global Logistics transports and barges complex heavy cargo through India

Oversized cargo movement from UAE to Iraq

Generators and accessories from India to Europe

Project experts Ambercor Shipping appointed for Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in Canada and USA

Transportation of heavy Desalter vessel by Express Global Logistics