Worldwide Project Consortium

SARR Freights gets Indian railway coaches to Africa

Nov 25, 2021

SARR Freights, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, recently completed a door-to-door delivery of 12 railway coaches, bogies, and spare parts from India to Africa. The shipment included coaches with 20-25 meter length x 4 meter height and a single weight of 30-35 ton each.

The turn key project also covered 1500 km road transportation, ocean freight forwarding, fabrication of specialised lifting equipment, custom clearance, stevedoring, port-handling and a great number of additional freight management services.

Due to the height of the cargo, the transport route in India posed various infrastructural issues and road blocks. SARR Freights cooperated closely with the Indian authorities to ensure that clear paths were maintained for cargo safety, and the project was completed before the projected deadline date.

SARR Freights worked extensively for various companies in the railway industry before, thus being able to gather a wealth of prior experience in the movement of railway coaches and related equipment.