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Seven Seas move huge modules of gasoline enhancement tower from South Korea to Iraq

Apr 29, 2013

Seven Seas Shipping recently organized a multimodal transport to move seven heavy modules from Mokpo port, South Korea to Baghdad (Midland Refineries Company) for the Ministry of Oil via Umm Qaser.

A chartered vessel was deployed for the sea freight sector carrying the total of 6907.75 freight tonnes for this project.

The modules measuring in meters:
1- L.26.36 x H.7.71 x W.8.58
2- L.23.15 x H.8.70 x W.8.04
3- L.22.21 x H.7.71 x W.9.31
4- L.18.91 x H.4.09 x W.7.35
5- L.14.66 x H.4.04 x W.7.10
6- L.15.62 x H.4.04 x W.7.10
7- L.17.90 x H.4.04 x W.7.10
Gross weight: 435 Ton
Measurement: 6907.751 CBM

Seven Seas used 7 heavy duty low bed trucks to handle the land transportation from Umm Qaser Port to the final destination approximately 850 km. The trucks took 30 days for the inland transport to arrive at the refinery. Several road obstacles and tens of high voltage power cables needed to be removed in addition to electricity power shut downs during the drayage. Additionally 14 pedestrian bridges were removed, tens of diversions were made exclusively for these units whilst police and private escorting cars ensured safe passages.

A total staff of 45 people were on alert all the time 24/7 to ensure safety, road clearance and traffic flow.

Working in close coordination with the company, the heavy pilots and permit division, which performed the detailed road survey, the wide heavy lifting & handling and organizing the crane handling delivered outstanding work.

The end user, being the Ministry of Oil at Baghdad, sent an appreciation letter to Seven Seas stating “The successful completion of the huge project was a clear evidence of the multidisciplinary capability of the Seven Seas Shipping company at Iraq”.