Worldwide Project Consortium

Steder Group completed challenging global mobilization for Zimbabwe power project

Aug 3, 2016

Steder Group, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for the Netherlands, Djibouti and Ethiopia, managed a landmark project for a temporary power plant in Zimbabwe. The most urgent equipment was mobilized by several chartered cargo airplanes, AN124’s and B747F’s for the transport out of Dubai to Harare.

Steder Group’s experts supervised the complete loading and discharge operation of those airplanes.

Four break bulk transformers with single weights up to 70 tons each and almost 500 containers were shipped from all over the world for being discharged in Durban, South Africa. There Steder Group teamed up with the South African WWPC member Spedag Interfreight Ltd, who made sure that all transformers and containers safely covered 1700 km by road to the project site in Harare, Zimbabwe.

In addition to the above Steder Group was able to arrange for delivery of one hundred and fifty 20’ dv containers and four break bulk transformers from a storage place nearby Dubai within one and a half days to the port of Jebel Ali, in order to catch the first important sailing to Durban.

Also several cable reels with heights up to 4 meters were mobilized out of India, a wheel loader was transported on a low bed trailer out of Tanzania for civil works at the construction site and more than 30 airfreight shipments, with a total weight of 40.000 kg, were carried out from all over the world to the International Airport Harare.

The complete project took Steder Group two month from start to finish, May and June 2016.