Worldwide Project Consortium

Steder Group moves construction equipment to Egypt

Feb 15, 2021

Steder Group Project Logistics, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for The Netherlands, completed a load out in the port of Amsterdam instead of Rotterdam for a change, which brings back memories to the 2018 WWPC membership conference in May that year.

The cargo consisted of 17 units of earthmoving equipment, with unit weights up to 70 ton, 118 iron pipes and 15 SOC containers with parts, in total well over 4.000 freight ton.

The equipment will be used to create land for the expansion and further development of Abu Qir, Egypt, including the reclamation of 1,000 hectares of new land, the deepening of the port’s approach channel to 23 m and the dredging of a turning basin to 22 m.

For that project an enormous volume of more than 150 million cubicmeter will be dredged.

A spokesperson for Steder Group stated:
“We are proud to have finished another successful project operation just in time for the extreme colds in Europe.”