Worldwide Project Consortium

Total Movements critical shipment from Factory in India to Foundation in the US

Jun 25, 2021

While the second wave of Covid19 was gaining ground in India, Total Movements, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, picked up a critical Breakbulk ODC shipment from the manufacturer’s works in India.

The move was fraught with challenges right from the beginning:

  • Extreme width of the cargo. More than 7.5 m wide.
  • Offset Centre of Gravity.
  • Extremely tight delivery schedule.
  • Dearth of suitable breakbulk tonnage due to high demand.
  • Multi-modal transportation in the US, including barge transportation and Roll-off.

A spokesperson for Total Movements explained: “The vessel had to be booked on a Last In, First Out basis due to the tight delivery schedule. Considering an acute shortage of suitable breakbulk tonnage, our team had to work extra hard to locate something suitable. With good co-operation from the carrier, our team managed to finalize the vessel with a single port call in between.

Just when things looked to be going as per plan, calamity struck when the Suez canal got blocked just before our vessel could cross it. The wait for the canal to clear was quite unnerving as this was a time-bound shipment. Our entire schedule was pushed back by at least one week. However, with great co-operation from our on-shore counterparts in the US, we made up for the lost time by managing faster deliveries than expected.

This was our 5th breakbulk delivery to the USA with all cargo moved to the foundation site in the recent past.

Happy to say that with support from all the stakeholders involved, the cargo was delivered in a safe and timely manner.”