Worldwide Project Consortium

Membership Conference 2016

16th Annual Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC Membership Conference

Hard Rock Hotel, Panama
April 13 - 15, 2016


Members and selected sponsors and media representatives enjoyed the premises of the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City during the 16th annual Membership Conference of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) April 13-15, 2016.

Starting with an evening reception high above the skyline of modern Panama City on the 62nd floor outdoor terrace of the hotel left a great impression and high expectations of things to come over the following two days of intensive networking, member-to-member meetings and social events.

Next morning, the first conference day started with a folk dance group, accompanied by a traditional instrument playing and singing band. The Deputy Administrator for the Panama Canal, Mr. Manuel Benitez, followed the opening of the conference by Mrs. Damaris Berenguer, CEO of Quality Freight Corp, the WWPC member for Panama, with an impressive presentation about the importance and recent extension of this great waterway.

Sponsor presentations and member-to-member meetings continued into the afternoon. The early evening saw the conference attendees at the famous Miraflores Locks situated next to the canal and a double lock system of the same name. A dinner was enjoyed at the Miraflores Restaurant, where the outside terrace invited to photograph passing ships through the locks.

Back at the Hard Rock Hotel a band waited on the 62nd floor outdoor terrace for the after dinner party, which was greatly organized by Quality Freight Corp.

During the following day and after sponsor and new member presentation, the selected charity, Asociación Pro Niñez Panameña presented their organization. Mrs. Rosangela Diaz from Quality Freight acted as auctioneer and managed to raise USD 25.000,- for the sponsored items from Ruslan International, Hoegh Autoliners, Rickmers Linie, Combi Lift, BNSF Logistics and Heavy Lift & PFI., and generous cash donations.

The members elected Mr. Elmer Sarmiento from Royal Cargo in the Philippines as a new BoA member, whilst Mr. Willy Hoffmann, BNSF Logistics, USA, Mr. Dirk Roethig, LS International Cargo, Germany and Mr. Ahmed Dahshan from KML Egypt got re-elected for 12 more months as members of the BoA.

As venue for the network’s 2017 conference the members voted for Cebu in the Philippines in early March.

Please click through some images of the conference:
(Photos courtesy of Quality Freight and WWPC)

Visiting a school supported by Asociación Pro Niñez Panameña, the selected charity for the WWPC auction, before the opening of the conference:

Special THANK YOU for the conference sponsors and trade media: