Worldwide Project Consortium

Electrical power plant, cement factory and windmills for Pakistan

Aug 18, 2015


Aaras Project & Logistics Pakistan Pvt. Ltd., member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network for Pakistan, reported three recent project shipments which were handled by their subsidiary Aaras Shipping Agencies in the month of Jun and July 2015, where three project cargo vessels got appointed to the company’s agency services along with complete logistics operations. The total weight of the cargoes that has been discharged by Aaras’ stevedores from three different vessels totaling a massive 16951.847 tons with most of the units to be heavy and oversized.

Mv. “Chang Hang Hong Hai” arrived Karachi port on 1st June 2015 with a cargo consisting of 156 packages “Power Generation” of 46 MW capacity coal power plant the 4th partial shipment with standard accessories and essential parts for NC Electric Company Limited, 7 packages of Asphalt mixing plant Nigate 1500 model 2009 partial shipment for Muhammad Arif Construction Co Pvt Limited, and other general cargoes contains high carbon/tensile steel wire, prime quality prepainted steel coils prime hot rolled alloy steel sheet in coils, prime hot dip galvanized steel sheet in coils, hot rolled steel h-beam, i-bream channel and prime cold rolled steel coils etc. The total no. of packages was 1106 having weight of 8,799.360 MTons.

chang_hang_hai2x chang_hang_hai_x

.Mv. “KSL Chaoyang” arrived Karachi port on June 11th, 2015 with a cargo consisting of 805 packages of plant machinery and equipment for a complete cement plant, having a production capacity up to 4200 TPD for Cherat Cement Company Limited which included limestone crusher, limestone conveyor, limestone mixer for lateric, clay, raw material grinder, raw material conveyor, homogenization system, Kiln feeder system, calciner and cyclone, electrostatic precipitors, Kiln for cement plant, gypsum crusher, cement conveyor, coal firing system, earting and lighting system etc. and other general cargo including prime quality electrolyte tinplate's coils, prime hot rolled alloy steel coils, prime cold rolled coils, prime quality TMBS steel coils soft temper, steam less SATM A106. The total no. of packages was 1378 having a weight of 7226.5450 MTons.


Mv. “KSL Fuyang” arrived Bin Qasim port on 29th June 2015 carrying a cargo of 27 packages “power generation” of 50 mw wind power generation project in 8 sets partial shipment which includes top section, middle section, external stairs assy and hand railing etc. for Sapphire Wind Power Company Limited. The cargoes were oversize’s especially in length and diameter, having a weight of 925.9422 MTons (926 cbm) which Aaras’ stevedores efficiently and safely discharged from the vessel under hook/hook and arranged inside port transportation from berth to stowage area. After completion of custom formalities the experts from Aaras arranged inland transportation of the cargoes to the 120 km distant jobsite.