Worldwide Project Consortium

Heavies safe through Russian river system by Mortrans

Sep 18, 2012

Mortrans Ltd, Russian member to the WWPC for St.Petersburg and Moscow, undertook the shipment of 3 large units of reformers from Constanza on the Black Sea Coast of Romania to Togliatti, part of the inland waterways Russia.

Cargo details exceeded single lenght of 22 meters and single weight of abt 40 tons.

At the initial leg the cargo was shipped in two separate consignments down the Danube river from point of departure to Conztanza port from where the cargo were then processed for final shipment into Russia.

Mortrans Ltd chartered sea-river going tonnage for the voyage, utilising the Black- and Azov Seas into the Russian inland waterways via the Don & Volga rivers and the Volga-Don Channel.

The original port of discharge was changed from Samara to the nearest suitable river port, i.e. Togliatti which was 100 kilometres from initial point of discharge. Mortrans had to re-negotiate with the vessels owners regarding port of discharge as per charter party.

The final outcome was that the discharging port was agreed and the cargos were successfully delivered to Togliatti port and discharges without demurrage charges.