Worldwide Project Consortium

Heavy project work in Hong Kong by Wangfoong Transportation

May 8, 2018

The experts from Wangfoong Transportation Ltd , member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Hong Kong, reported about a great number of project work they recently finished.

Chiller plant delivery
New chiller plants and water pumps where required for the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong Kong and the tasks required to dismantle the existing chiller plants, delivery of new chiller plants by barge, provide riggers and tools for positioning of chillers into plant room.

Due to jobsite constraint, the delivery of chillers could not be done by mobile crane, and derrick barge is the only solution to do the delivery works from waterside onto upper deck level for positioning into plant room.
A barge with twin tug boats operation was needed due to monsoons season and lack of anchor points in the berth. The waterside area was close to coastal, therefore the swinging situation on sea added difficulty in the operation.

With close supervision by Marine Department and the Wangfoong dedicated project planning with their client and the jobsite, the complete operation was managed within limited time during midnight hours.


OOG cargo to Asia Air Terminal (Hong Kong)
Machinery on a 40’FR OW was received from HK Terminal. Wangfoong provided escort cars, a trailer with wide-load permit, route planning, road survey before delivery and delivery to the Asia Air Terminal within night hour operation. A delivery survey to their client completed the task required.


The Shipowners’ Club - salvage operations
For a marine salvage operation Wangfoong arranged for a barge, tug boat, outboard dinghy, diving crews for salvage works, underwater video capture, experienced diving teams, marine operation and a diving report to a surveyor.


Registered Contractor for MTR Corporation Ltd.
For a delivery of 14 to 25m length rails and a locomotive Wangfoong received this Breakbulk cargo from an oceanvessel on midstream Hong Kong and arranged for local storage, delivery with special lifting equipment for over-length and over-height cargo.


Project Shipment: Acrylic panel delivery to Ocean Park Hong Kong
Acrylic panels (OOG) had to be transported to the Ocean Park Marriot Hotel, Hong Kong, including routing and package advice, storage, barge delivery, OOG road transport, lifting works in the site and heavy-lift operations.

Working at any construction site in Hong Kong is always challenging with road limitation, site constraint and coordination with different parties.

The route planning demanded the repacking of the cargo size to a width from +5 m to 4.5 m in order to fit the route from waterfront area to destination. Night operation for road transport, and lifting operation from trailer into the job site in the morning was another important factor for this operation to succeed.

With preparation of method statement, contingency plan, on-site monitoring, Wangfoong successfully completed the job with customer’s satisfaction.

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Project (Oil and Gas): COOEC (Offshore Oil Engineering Co. Ltd.)
Commodity: Compressor include Spare and Tools
POL: Antwerp, Belgium
POD: Gaolan port, Zhuhai and Nanyau, Zhanjiang. China
Cargo details:
Gaolan, Zhuhai: 3 heavy and oversize units (312 tons) plus other accessories (total over 900 cbm)
Nanyau, Zhanjiang: 3 heavy and oversize units (188 tons) plus accessories (total over 620 cbm)

Scope of work:
- Received breakbulk cargo from mother vessels by Wangfoong vessels in Hong Kong
- Unpack and consolidate cargo at Wangfoong depot in Hong Kong
- Lifting of heavy and oversize cargo from Wangfoong depot to vessels
- On carriage of cargo from Hong Kong to China by vessels
- Discharging of heavy and oversize cargo from vessel to client’s private berth by heavy lift crane
- Assist in custom clearance in China


Used TBM machine relocation for export
For a shipment of used TBM machine and parts for a landfill in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong, Wangfoong arranged for the pick up of loose cargo from the project site to their yard for storage and load onto FR/OT equipment, fulfilled the lashing requirements by carrier for export in 6 x 40’ FR (OWOG), 2 x 40’ OT (IG), 1 x 40’ HC.

After several site visits for cargo marking and delivery planning within limited time frame, Wangfoong relocated the used items from a construction site in Hong Kong to their yard for export preparation.

Wangfoong managed to save a total number of equipment from 12 to 9 units of mixed 40’ FR and OT after the cargo arrived to our yard. The job was challenging with site limitation, limited time in outbound schedule with ocean carrier, and therefore lots of preparation works needed to be done before the relocation.