Worldwide Project Consortium

Khimji Ramdas delivers project volume to Yibal Khuff Project in Oman

Apr 17, 2018

Khimji Ramdas Shipping, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Oman, successfully handled the entire logistics in Oman for delivering the air cooled heat exchangers and its accessories, to Yibal Khuff Project site in central Oman Oil field area.

Coming from Busan, South Korea the cargo arrived onboard MV Pacific Winter to the Port of Duqm, Oman and had to get to the jobsite over a distance of 585 km.

The scope of service included:

1) Acting as vessel agents for calling the cargo carrying vessel, MV Pacific Winter, to Duqm port – supervision of discharge of cargo from vessel.
2) Shore handling of the cargo including storage
3) Receiving of cargo on trucks
4) delivering to Yibal Khuff Project with all strict safety standards in purview.

The total freight comprised of 806 packages, with 2707 ton in overall weight and had a volume of 11,301 cbm, comprising of: tube bundles, skids with structures, driving units, main frames, stair, lifting devices, walkway frames, plywood and wooden boxes – with or without tarpaulin cover.

The complete receipt of the cargo at port and dispatch to the jobsite had to be completed within 30 calendar days. This in spite of the offloading site having a restriction of receiving only 11-12 trucks a day for offloading due to scarcity of resources and no loading of cargo taking place on the weekly off Fridays.

Khimji Ramdas shipping took up the challenge and successfully completed the entire project within 28 calendar days (22 working days) of cargo discharge, thus summing up to a considerable saving for the client. The entire delivery schedule consisted of 315 truck trips covering 275 man days of work. A special challenges was the handling of this volume with a deadline to finish collection within demurrage free 30 calendar days and the varied cargo dimensions.