Worldwide Project Consortium

Project experts show art of pipe loading

Sep 7, 2015

FLS-KAA (Kamar Al-Ard Company), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Iraq, arranged a project shipments consisting of 440 pieces coated cement pipes measuring 7.3 x diameters 1.2 meters, weighing 3 tons each from Antwerp to Al Ain, UAE.

The company’s partner Fleet Line brought the pipes from Antwerp to Jebel Ali through their principals Empros Lines break bulk vessel. The more challenging part of the project was to arrange the inland haulage from Jebel Ali to the job site in Al Ain covering a distance of 200 km.

FLS-KAA in-house packing and lashing crew constructed customized wooden frames to optimize the loading of 8 pipes onto 60’ trailers whereby the transportation of the complete shipment was achieved on 55 trailers. The operation was completed in four days, thanks to the expertise and know-how of the FLS-KAA project team in handling coated heavy pipes.

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