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Tecnitransport / Tecniproject proves its capabilities in Chile and Peru

Aug 14, 2015

During April until June, 2015 Tecniproject S.A, member to the Worldwide Project Comsortium (WWPC) for Chile and Tecnitransport S.A., member to Cargo Equipment Experts CEE for Chile, had to face major challenges with two different projects in Chile and Peru.

In the south of Chile, Tecnitransport had to come up with an innovative, safe and creative solution to build and adapt a special equipment to its trailer to safely transport four Alstom Transformer of 165 ton each from Puerto Lirquen to its customer’s site, located 150 km from that port.

This special equipment was designed to allow a combination of 80 ton capacity steel beam frame, where jacking pads of the transformer was positioned plus side beams for spreading the weight and support the rest of 85 tons over modular.

The journey from port to site was particularly challenging and difficult due to the distance and because of the transformer 5.10 meters high, where the maximum road clearance was 5.15 meters. This transport took almost two weeks per transformer to reach the final destination, basically due to several by-passes, lift off-sliding-lift on and passing through alternative routes via small towns.

After arrival at the jobsite these transformers were offloaded onto foundation using traditional jack & slide system.

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In parallel to above operation and 3.000km to north, in the south of Peru, Tecniproject had to move another team of their experts with their 800 ton capacity Liftsystem 48 A Gantry Crane to Mollendo, to perform a contract for positioning four GE7A Generator of 234 ton and four 177 ton Turbines in the Puerto Bravo Power Plant. This project consisted of offloading the heavy pieces onto foundation from trucks.

This successful experience opened the door for Tecniproject to explore new projects into the Peruvian market and currently the company is assessing to move permanently equipment to Lima to work with its local partner in new joint venture TecniChoice.

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