Worldwide Project Consortium


Express Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. wins key recognition as ‘Forwarder of the Year – Projects’

Steder Group moved heavy marine equipment from Rotterdam to China

Guangzhou Sunshine coordinates shipment for China's Nansha Shipyard

Albacor Shipping busy with heavy press in USA and Chinese steel plant equipment to Brazil

New Sarens crane for Steder Group

Royal Cargo transports very heavy modules for oil rig construction

Aaras Shipping Agencies news of mega event in the month of July, 2013

Albacor Shipping from the USA goes pink with heavy transformer

Albacor Shipping, USA, enlarges country coverage to include Chicago

Heavy hydro power equipment from China to Turkey by Guangzhou Sunshine Int'l Logistics Co.,Ltd

Large boilers and furnace from Denmark to Bulgaria by Holleman

Dutch steel frames on the move by Steder Group

Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC supports Thai tsunami victims

Crawling crane from Tajikistan to China by Globalink Logistics Group

Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC conducts Membership Conference in Prague

Almajdouie Logistics won “The Best 3PL Service Provider award” for two consecutive years

Seven Seas move huge modules of gasoline enhancement tower from South Korea to Iraq

Express Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd., winner as one of the Top 100 SMEs in the logistics category In India

Heavy winches fly from Malaysia to Turkmenistan

Delta Maritime from Greece in steady growth